About G+D

Live A Life You Choose.

Hey! I’m Nick. Thanks for stopping by and being curious about the who and why of G+D.

G+D is a personal writing project of mine. It’s an effort to push myself into reading and learning as much as possible, connecting valuable concepts, and using those connections to construct valuable insights and reflections on living a meaningful life…then passing that along to you so you can do the same.

I’m not an expert, or a retired professional, or really anything that would particularly furrow your brow. Right now I’m simply a technology and management consultant that is looking for a better perspective and a better way. A way to live a better life, a life I consciously choose. And I want the same for you, however you define it.

Every article on G+D aims to achieve at least one of the four following principles:

  • Develop a connection and expand perspective
  • Experience something beautiful
  • Provide a tool to live a better life
  • Learn something based on credible research

These directly lead into the 4 Horsemen of G+D – the way in which all articles are organized on the site::

  • Perspective + Relativity | These are my personal thoughts which are derived from experiences like my own struggle with existence, books I’ve found meaning in, to Bob’s Burgers


  • Beauty All Around | A celebration of music, art, and similarly inspiring elements of wonder and creativity – this looks to remind of us of the treasures and inspiration that abound in the world


  • Live A Life You Choose | Tools, mindsets, and the teachings of experts distilled or represented to empower you to make adjustments and improvements to your life as you see fit


  • Deep Dives | Well researched, ‘link’ heavy pieces that look to help teach something – doing the proper leg work to make defensible, sensible, and mind expanding research paper inspired writings

As I mentioned, this is a personal writing project of mine. A way to push myself to become a good writer, to improve my own life, and hopefully help and inspire someone to improve theirs. I’ve always been a bit put off when ideas are presented as a universal fix – our experiences, internal wirings, and perspectives are simply too diverse for that to be true or effective.

So I’ll reinforce it here clearly – ‘live a life you choose‘ isn’t just a catchy slogan I like, I see it as the fundamental basis for people to able to live a meaningful life, and the genesis of how I want to present all of my writing. I may author these articles, but you are the author of your life. Anything I can do to promote people to see and lean into that, is something meaningful to me.

See you soon,

“See, Loki, life is about…it’s about growth. It’s about change. But you seem to just want to stay the same. I guess what Im trying to say is that you’ll always be the God of Mischief, but you could be more.”