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I wanted today to be a little more brief. I want to mention 2 things I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days, then spend the rest of the day coming up with ideas for future topics and how to keep creating things I want to and that you (hopefully) find useful and/or interesting.


  1. The 129 Days of Change – The point of this specific project is to create something meaningful among the noise with the remaining time this year, to force myself to write every day, and hopefully to quickly get a critical mass of content that would encourage new and retained readers. It’s also something that people can participate in for their own lives, and can expect a consistent output each day from me. I write a lot about personal change and growth because that is something I have focused on and very specifically struggled with for a major portion of my life. But of course your journey is your own and – with a clear, well-intended mind – no one will know what’s right for you but you.
  2. On that, one of the most meaningful ideas I have started to realize and believe in, is the concept that you have to trust yourself and simply act.


You have to trust that you know what’s right for you and you should gamble on yourself. And that the biggest initial separator between what you want and what you have, is trusting yourself and choosing to act.

And for me that’s a lot of what this really is too – the beginning of choosing to act. Calibrated expectations and small consistent actions are powerful tools. They are tools that will never breakdown when all else fails.

A lot of people will tell you what you should be doing. And there’s a lot of great advice in there you should evaluate and keep with you as guide posts. And ironically, I recognize I’m just another person telling you something. But nobody can choose for you, act for you, or know what’s right for you, but you. So trust you’re right and take a shot.

See you tomorrow.

Inspiration: Tame Impala

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