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First day of fall. One of my favorite days of the year. A marker of so many of wonderful things soon to arrive – changing colors, darkness that slowly sets in as we get closer to winter, cold weather paired with baked goods, and enjoying the temperature progressively drop into that refreshing, brisk weather. A time of peace and quiet joy. Of mischief and wonder. I cannot romanticize fall (and winter) enough. My favorite time of the year to be inspired, to work on new things, to try to spend time with yourself, and to huddle indoors with those you care about most.

The intimacy and darkness forced on people by these seasons is something I hold really near and dear to my heart. I spend the time where you’re “forced” indoors to up my baking game, work on little culinary projects with friends (such as brewing beer, bottle shares, and making pizza), and overall to just enjoy being inside. Alone or together, reading or clinking glasses, sitting around a backyard fire or falling asleep in front of the fire place, watching leaves blow past on a chilly morning walk or settling in for a movie and comfort food – these seasons bring about their own unique opportunities for all us.

A couple years ago, me and one of best friends worked on making a beer to enter a competition at work. Brewing beer is a messy, infuriating process. It is basically a project grounded in janitorial work, where if it goes well, at the end you have some beer to drink. I wouldn’t trade those brew day memories for anything.
While we hit the mark a few times, we poured numerous batches down the drain. Including the one we were hoping to enter into the contest. I remember fondly writing the description of the would be crowd pleaser before things didn’t work out. It was fun to work on that and create that identity even though it ended up getting scrapped:
Name: Little Green Ghouls
Profile: American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Ekuanot and Mosaic
Description: What is there to even say about this beer? How to start? Hops have always been the focus of the beers we brew, but the trouble these beers have given us would make you think that hops were haunted… deliberately trying to sabotage us… truly acting like little green ghouls. We can’t begin to articulate the late nights, rage fueled laughter, and gallons of drain pours that led to this moment. A balance of various American malts and flaked oats create the bright golden color and cloud-like mouthfeel. The light malt-backbone is the perfect canvas to set the ghouls free. Loaded with Ekuanot and Mosaic ghouls, the aromatics of tropical fruit, citrus, and eucalyptus are bursting out of this bottle, begging for their chance to terrorize the glass. This beer instantly transports you to a different place…a place intertwining the awkward local haunted house and the most exotic bowl of fruit offered at your local bougie brunch spot…all somehow nestled comfortably in the middle of a home grown herb garden. Drink up…knowing the abundance of little green ghouls will consume you as you consume them.

Maybe we’ll give it another go sometime soon. After all, the time of year is finally right.

See you tomorrow.


Inspirations: Fall, Winter
Beer Name Origin: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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