Perspective + Relativity

Live A Life You Choose.

Implied Flexibility and Time Burglars

This far into my writing, my obsession with over-analyzing, contemplating, and battling Time is obnoxiously obvious. Time drifts on with or without us. It’s permanently fleeting. And only through Time are we able to achieve anything. Whether mere minutes or small effort compounded over years – the allocation of Time

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Sunday Self-Reflections | #1

I had a few things in the hopper and was debating what to finish editing and publish. Yet all day (week, really), there have been the same thoughts and quotes spinning through my head. It’s been admittedly hard to focus on anything else, especially with all my other normal Sunday

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Digital Dust

Minimalism, or more specifically “simple living” is a philosophy that focuses on…simplifying your lifestyle. It colloquially centers around reducing excessive material goods, not focusing on the pursuit of material wealth as a source of purpose, and overall living a more virtuous, simple life. I like to think of it as

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What do you mean “get off”?

Among all the clichés and allusions regarding what life is like, my personal flavor is that life is like an amusement park. As a kid you’re experiencing a crazy array of new experiences – good and bad. The fear of a sky-scraping roller coaster, the disappointment of a $12 park

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When a blizzard rolls in, snow flurries signify its arrival. The glossy white mist quickly consumes the area, hurling tiny comets across our field of vision. One of the most immediate sensations is effectively being blinded. The snow wisps into our eyes, coating our cheeks and eyelashes – quickly melting

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Imperfect Vector

An important distinction I draw in my life is the time before and after I was making truly conscious decisions. That doesn’t separate from accountability, but it does draw a uniquely distinct line between the past few years and the rest of the time I’ve been alive. This distinction helps

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