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There are infinite possibilities in life. Yet we often feel trapped.

The weight of work, financial obligations, relationships and social expectations all become a binding, burdensome straight jacket. It feels like things won’t ever change. That we are powerless to push back and free ourselves. And that how things currently are, is how they will always be.

In these darker moments in particular, I have always found a frantic voice filled with conviction. Beckoning me from the inner most chamber of my mind, desperately seeking a conversation with my conscious mind. The voice doesn’t always offer the most actionable or pragmatic advice, but it certainly understands me. And it understands the life I want to live.

It’s an energy that is always pulling me in its direction. A spectral entity showing me a different path. And it’s gotten louder and more convincing as I get older.

We all have this voice inside us. A manifestation of our goals and dreams. An escape from the realities we wish to change. A current that seems to pull in the opposite direction of all the others.

Making meaningful, life altering decisions has to be done with care and precision. We romanticize dramatic, impulsive actions, but we all know those will carry consequences we probably don’t appreciate until we are living them. At the  same time, too many of us experience the passivity of life – a sedative sense of being content that fosters indecisiveness, stagnation, and repetitive suffering of “the way things are” in daily life. In that sedated state, we keep living the same life on repeat and don’t make any decisions even with the ample time passing us by.

Find whatever balance is right for you, but be sure to listen to that voice. Think about what it’s saying to you. About the direction the alternative current is pulling you toward. Think about what a life you choose looks like. Embrace the prospective reality that phantom energy is calling you toward. Don’t wonder what could have been or what you’re capable of. Find out, in your way.

“All this running around, I can’t fight it much longer…Something’s trying to get out and it’s never been closer”

See you tomorrow.

Inspirations: Tame Impala, Inner conflicts, Creating destiny
Quote: Tame Impala

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