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If you’re reading this, I assume you are one of the 2-5 regulars we have on the site – so thank you! 

Within the next 7 days we are hoping to have a new site up and running for G+D. It won’t be a dramatic facelift in terms of style, but it will be a little different and cleaner to the outside observer. 

The exciting part is that we are moving away from a more plug and play service provider to a more independent platform – hopefully giving us the tools and framework to make a more engaging and meaningful experience for you. 

If you run into any timeouts, access errors, etc. over this brief time, it’s highly unlikely any issues are on your side. So please stand by and bear with us. 

This note is to honor the commitment made for each day, but will not count as a full article – so expect some double drops as we get things going again.

A lot of this is being done on the fly, so it’s a little rickety at the moment. However, once this new site is up, I personally will commit to more regularity with with posting times, increased engagement on our small social media footprint, and a wider net of content. 

In the meantime, here is a something interesting I read today which you might enjoy: https://fs.blog/2020/09/spiral-of-silence/

Thanks again! 

See you tomorrow. 


Image source: Fallout Series

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