Sunday Self-Reflections | #1

Thoughts + Opinion

I had a few things in the hopper and was debating what to finish editing and publish. Yet all day (week, really), there have been the same thoughts and quotes spinning through my head. It’s been admittedly hard to focus on anything else, especially with all my other normal Sunday shenanigans.

Sunday is the normal day for study, relaxation, self-reflection, and of course, scaries. It’s a big time thinking day. A day to bring comfort or make progress or both. It’s a day for us. So I had the thought to make a more brief, simple post sharing the smaller thoughts that are on my mind. No interpretations or articles surrounding them, just the thoughts, quotes, and miscellaneous items I’m thinking about. Shane Parrish does something similar in his weekly newsletter, Brain Food (you should absolutely subscribe if you haven’t), and I want to do something similar here. Maybe it’ll be a series, maybe not. Maybe I’ll expand on my thoughts in the future, maybe not. Regardless, here are the first items of the first Sunday Self-Reflection:

“Ooh life is strange, one more hour, I can rage, one more hour” – Tame Impala, One More Hour

“Failing to succeed does not mean failing to progress” – Antichamber

The dichotomy and battle of conceptually knowing what is the right the thing to do, and the advice we give others for whom we care deeply, but the struggle to be kind to yourself, to take our own advice, and to take consistent action on the things we care about.

“Your only competition is who you could be.” – Farnam Street

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” – Epictetus


See you tomorrow.

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