The Mark 1 Is Born

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Here is the first version of our logo. And the first non-written creation we want to share with everyone. The thinking behind the design:
The Light Bulb: This represents Grit – You. Your mind. What you can control in life.
The Dynamite: This represents…Dynamite – Life. Fate. The things you cannot control in life.
The two are inseparably linked and create the unique existence we each experience. Without one the other is meaningless.
See you tomorrow.

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[Please Stand By]

If you’re reading this, I assume you are one of the 2-5 regulars we have on the site – so thank you!  Within the next 7 days we are hoping to have a new site up and running for G+D. It won’t be a dramatic facelift in terms of style,

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A Way We Can All Be Like Mike

Image Source: The Last Dance   Michael Jordan is synonymous with greatness. I don’t need to give any background because everyone knows who he is. And The Last Dance only reinforced and detailed his achievements. He is the benchmark of hard work, discipline, and talent in a single entity. Everyone

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Optimizing Into Fragility

For years my underlying obsession was finding a way to optimize my life and break away from needing to hold down a normal job or live within the neat parameters that corporate culture defines for us. Looking to people I had envied, I identified skills and accolades they carried and

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A Sense of Togetherness

I saw a close friend of mine for the first time in a comparatively long time and in the myriad of topics discussed, we landed on your impact to other people and social responsibility / courtesy. Whenever we head out into the world, we are making dozens of little decisions.

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